Share The Holiday Cheer With Your Goldendoodle

Our pets play an important role in our ...
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Getting Your New Goldendoodle Puppy Settled At Home

There’s no doubt you’re very excited about the ...
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Time for winter fun with your Goldendoodle

Your dog is a social creature who craves ...
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5 simple commands for your Goldendoodle puppy

Training your Goldendoodle will go a lot smoother if you set you and your puppy up for success from the beginning. The fact that you have opened up your home to a puppy, as opposed to adopting an older dog, means that you must accept from the outset that you are starting from ground zero with your training.

While you are getting all of your supplies ahead of your new Doodle, discuss a few key factors with the rest of your family prior to bringing the dog home. For example, are you going to be crating the dog for bedtime? Or do you have a more flexible stance with a mobile dog bed that can end up alternating with family members? Will the dog will be on a rotation of the kids’ bedrooms or do you prefer it to rest in one distinct location?

It is vital to discuss your plan and your expectations so that everyone is on board. Consistency is key when it comes to any kind of training. Having these questions settled ahead of time will make it easier for the dog to understand its place.

Here are 5 simple commands to teach your Goldendoodle puppy to ensure life is fun and relaxed for everyone:


Teaching your Doodle to sit is a vital life skill that needs to be mastered. It can potentially save your dog’s life one day and keep other dogs and people safe. Many owners prefer their dog to sit prior to crossing the street on walks or to sit and wait at the perimeter of the property. Work with your pup in a gentle way and let it know your expectations. Rewards can be offered such as healthy treats to keep things progressing well.


Many trainers use a combination of a word and hand signal to communicate with their pet. This is helpful if you are planning to socialize your puppy at a public dog park or other populated area. Using a flat stop-sign hand for the stay command will help you avoid yelling at the top of your lungs when you are out and about.

Come, or Here

It may seem like a given that if you pat your legs, your puppy will naturally come bounding over. The opposite can occur, however, when your dog is intensely focused on something else, such as the neighbor’s cat perhaps. Having a solid tone and word that directly translates to “report back to me immediately,” will help you trust your dog when you are at the beach, camping or walking through a parking lot together. Your dog needs to understand that you are the alpha and what you say goes. Even the most well-intentioned dog can be scary when it runs up to small children or accidently intimidates other dogs.

Mine, Leave It, or Drop It

This is a particularly useful term if you are planning on being the fetch champion in your neighborhood. You will enjoy the games with balls and sticks and stuffy’s much more if you don’t have to wrestle the items away from slobbery jowls. Training your Goldendoodle to drop their toys at your feet after retrieving them will offer you a higher degree of overall enjoyment while making your pooch ecstatic that they pleased you.


This one-word command is commonly accompanied with a pointing finger. It is great to familiarize your dog with a safe place where it knows it can retreat to or where it can patiently await further instructions. For instance, sending the dog to its bed or mat after entering from outside can potentially save you a substantial amount of time cleaning the floor and dealing with muddy paw prints.

Again, consistency is key. Decide on your vocabulary and stick with it to ensure that you can enjoy the training process. Communicate with family members to avoid confusing the dog with multiple gestures or words. If everyone is able to offer the same training tactics, you will ensure that your dog knows what is expected of it much earlier.

Share The Holiday Cheer With Your Goldendoodle

Our pets play an important role in our lives – they make our families complete and bring us lots of joy and laughter throughout the year. Whether you’re having a bad day or you’re in an awesome mood, your Goldendoodle’s love for you is unconditional. That’s something to be grateful for. It’s also why you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to share the holiday cheer with your canine companion this season. Commit yourself to spending a little extra time with your furry friend this holiday. Your attention is the gift they will enjoy and cherish the most.

If you want to take things a step further and actually give your dog a present or three — and studies show that an overwhelming number of pet owners do — here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect items:

Last Minute Gift Guide!

OK, procrastinators, the time has come to make your holiday decisions! Have no fear, though, because it’s not too late to order a gift for your favorite dog or dog lover. Check out our picks for last-minute gifts (and gift cards) that you can fetch today

Just like a kid, your Goldendoodle will sense the difference in the air during the holidays — so many visitors, foods that smell amazing, decorations everywhere — and get excited about everything going on around them. You may be tempted to let them run a little wild during the holidays, but it’s important to ensure that you set boundaries for behavior. You want the holidays to be a fun and safe time for the entire family, including your pets.

7 tips to ensure good canine holiday behavior

Dogs are mischievous animals and just like people, they like getting involved in the holiday cheer.

That’s one reason why you need to make preparations for your pets while taking care of other things that you may need for the holidays. It’s essential to make preparations ahead of time.

So, what do you need to do this holiday to keep your buddies well-behaved?

In a way, dogs are like kids and you need to lay down some rules to make sure that they will have a fun and safe holiday with you and your family.

As we mentioned, you want the holidays to be a fun and safe time. To ensure this, you need to be aware of the potential dangers that your Goldendoodle may be exposed to. A lot of new stuff will typically be within your dog’s reach during the holidays. You need to make sure they are not hazardous or that you take the right measures to keep them safely away from your pet. The following post highlights some holiday hazards you should be careful about:

10 Holiday Pet Dangers Lurking in Your Home

The holiday season should be a time for making happy memories with our families — and that certainly includes our pets! Unfortunately, there are many seasonal dangers for cats and dogs that could ruin a Christmas or holiday celebration.

Check out the gallery below to educate yourself on holiday hazards you need to protect your pet from, including toxic foods, Christmas decorations and more.

Your Goldendoodle will bring lots of love and joy to your holidays if you make them a happy and healthy part of the festivities. Whether you’re planning to travel, host your relatives, prepare a big meal or just slow down and enjoy the season, allowing your canine best friend to share the holidays with you and your family will make the time even more special.

Getting Your New Goldendoodle Puppy Settled At Home

There’s no doubt you’re very excited about the prospect of bringing your new Goldendoodle puppy home for the first time. You can look forward to a lot of fun, laughs and love — such as gaining a loyal friend who will put a smile on your face every time you walk in the door from a long day.

Before you get to that point, though, there are things that must be done to prepare for your new companion. For instance, it’s important to ensure your home will be safe for your puppy. It may not seem like it, but the potential hazards for a new puppy in a typical home are numerous. That’s why new pet owners are advised to puppy-proof their homes. The following post highlights some of the most important things to consider:

Vet offers tips for puppy-proofing house for new pet owners

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If you’re planning to get a new pup for Christmas, you might want to think about puppy-proofing your home.

News 2 spoke with Veterinarian Karen Foster who said puppies are attracted to pretty much anything new that looks interesting.

“Electric cords can be a big issue with puppies. They’ll come and want to chew on the cord and they can electrocute themselves,” explained Dr. Foster. Read full post at WKRN…

When it’s time to take your puppy home, it’s a good idea to have already chosen your dog’s name. This will help him get used to the name quickly. Obviously, there a lot of options to choose from so you might find yourself unable to settle on one. The following post offers some guidance on how to navigate the naming process if you’re stuck:

Do’s and Don’ts for Picking a Pet Name

With so many dog and cat names to pick from, how can you choose the perfect one for your new puppy, kitten or adult rescue cat or dog? After all, your animal will have to respond to this title for the next decade or so. And just because you like the name  Rainbow Sparkle Cotton Candy, remember you may get some strange looks when calling your pooch at the dog park.

To help you pick the ideal name for your new family member, we’ve come up with a list of naming do’s and don’ts. Just remember: Your pet doesn’t really care what you call him, as long as you love him and give him the veterinary care he needs.

If you already have dogs at home, it’s important to know that dogs have their own dynamic and ways of getting acquainted. Introducing your new Goldendoodle could result in anything from love at first sight to aggression. You need to be prepared for any situation becuase it will be your job to help the process along if it gets off on the wrong foot. The following post offers some helpful advice on how to go about it:

Tips for Introducing a New Puppy to Older Dogs

In May, we added a new Great Pyrenees puppy, Harry, to our family. You may have seen pictures of him on Instagram. Before Dan and I had kids, we raised puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. We had a new puppy coming in every year and we also had our existing, older pet dog, Montana. We have lots of experience introducing puppies to older dogs, so when we got Harry, I wasn’t really worried. However, we have learned tried and true tips that make the introduction process a lot easier.

As you can see, there are important steps to be taken before bringing your new Goldendoodle puppy home. New owners need to learn as much as they can about their doodles to make for a smooth settling in. The most vital step in the process is also the very first one you need to make: Choosing the right breeder to work with.

Our recommended breeder is Blue Ridge Goldendoodles were they have been breeding second-to-none puppies for going on two decades. Over the years their pups have excelled as therapy dogs, agility champions and loving family members. If you want to add one or more of our Goldendoodles to your household.

Time for winter fun with your Goldendoodle

Your dog is a social creature who craves time with you and meeting and greeting other dogs and people all over the neighborhood. Making some preparations ahead of time can help you both enjoy your outings more. Don’t forget to take some pictures of your pup chasing snowballs and gallivanting through the drifts. You’ll enjoy looking back at the wintry fun in the heat of summer.

Puppy gear

Even if you snicker at the neighbor’s dog dressed up from head to toe, depending on your dog’s coat and personality, you may wish to try some gear out for yourself prior to judging. After all, the main reason for coats, booties and hats is to ensure your dog is warm and dry; not to make a fashion statement. Do some research online to discover what fellow dog owners are using and get some feedback prior to spending a ridiculous amount of money. Ask if exchanges or refunds are available if your dog refuses to cooperate.

Indoor walking venues

Many people walk malls and ice arenas during colder months. Is there a dog-friendly location for indoor exercise within your city? Call your favorite pet store or vet clinic to inquire if you are looking for the best spots.

More car and truck rides

One way to compensate for less outdoor time is to take your pup on quick outings. As temperatures are dropping, you definitely don’t want to leave Rover unattended in your vehicle for extended periods of time. However, next time you are running to drop off or pick up the kids or grandkids or filling up at the gas station, consider inviting your beloved doodle. Any quality time with you will be more than appreciated.

Muddy weather gear

Have an extra blanket in the car to save your seats and some old towels available at home if you don’t already. Being prepared will save you from cleaning excess muddy footprints all winter and keep your frustration level from rising. Keep an extra umbrella handy in your car as well. Any small steps that can minimize the potential of your pooch shaking a wet coat in close proximity will keep you happier and drier in the long run.

Snuggle time

Many of us naturally go into hibernation mode as the days get shorter and colder. Don’t beat yourself up for honoring your natural rhythms. Keep your puppy happy by incorporating more snuggle time. If you allow your dog on the bed or couch, you’re all set. If not, create a new habit by hunkering down near their restful place and read or watch TV together to max and relax.

Indoor toys

While you may not want too rowdy in the house, you can still have fun and exercise with your dog. Find a soft ball that you can throw for a light game of fetch. If you have a treadmill, consider training your doodle to use it for walking and jogging. Use treats to teach the dog where to stand and start slow. The last thing you want to do is to scare or injure your four-legged friend. Alternatively, consider running stairs in your home together. Playing tug-of-war can be another fun way to engage during less savory weather.

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