How to take care of your dog’s paws in autumn?

How to take care of your dog’s paws in autumn?

Autumn is a wonderful time to walk and have fun in the rustling foliage. But at this time of year, the pet may face some problems, in particular – wet paws. This moment is not as harmless as it seems at first glance.

What can be fraught with wet paws and how to protect a dog – we will now tell you.

Why is it important to watch out for dry dog ​​paws?

A dog with wet paws is not only footprints on the floor in an apartment, but also other, more significant problems.

Urban dirt most often contains chemicals that irritate the skin of dogs, cause cracks in the paw pads and even bleeding wounds. If they get an infection, it’s a bad thing. Also, fungus can develop on the nails or pads of the paws from moisture.

There is another danger – pyoderma. A dog can pick it up for many reasons, but most often due to contact with chemicals and alkalis, due to insect bites. With pyoderma, itching, rash, redness occur. The skin becomes inflamed, contaminated with bacteria, and suppuration occurs. At the same time, an unpleasant odor emanates from the paws.

To avoid such troubles, you need to properly care for your pet’s paws.

Autumn paws care rules

  • The simplest solution is to buy autumn shoes for the dog. So you will not only save yourself from unnecessary washing of the floors at home, but also take care of the health of the paws of your four-legged friend. Let the dog not immediately get used to strange things on its paws, but a few walks – and the pet itself will appreciate this accessory. It is better to teach a wet-nosed person to shoes from puppyhood.

Dog shoes allow you to protect paws not only from chemicals, reagents and dirt, but also from broken glass, small sharp stones and much more.

  • Pet stores sell special waxes and sprays that are applied to the paw pads before walking. These products create a protective film and repel moisture, helping to keep the feet intact.
  • When you return from a walk, the dog should be sent right from the door to the bath. Or prepare all the attributes for washing in advance and place them in the hallway.

Wash your feet with warm, plain water. If they are heavily soiled, use a paw cleaner, preferably a professional brand. A great option is a dog conditioner. It can be used to wash your paws on a daily basis and does not dry out your skin.

  • After washing the dog’s paws, dry them thoroughly, including the hard-to-reach areas between the toes. If the pet has long hair between the toes, it is better to cut it. Do not do this – mycosis (fungus) may develop, because the hair between the toes is difficult to access, and the owners often ignore these areas, leaving them soggy.
  • Many dogs do not allow themselves to cut their paws, because they are not accustomed to this procedure. Gradually accustom your pet to this manipulation. You can take the dog to the groomer, there he will be quickly put in order. And if you do the manicure for the dog yourself, use sharp, but rounded at the ends of the scissors, so as not to accidentally injure the pet.
  • Shorten your pet’s claws in a timely manner. Strongly grown claws interfere with walking and deform the paw.

How can I help my dog ​​with paw problems?

  • Never start treating your dog on your own. If you notice something suspicious on the paws, the pet should be shown to the veterinarian as soon as possible.
  • Only a specialist will be able to prescribe effective treatment and give recommendations for paw care.
  • It is important to keep the room clean during treatment. Thoroughly wash the floor, toys, beds, and other belongings of the dog.

Remember that autumn is an insidious time of the year, not only for humans, but also for our beloved pets. Any diseases and other problems are easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, take care of the safety of your dog in advance.

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