Leash Vs Roulette: Which Is Better?

Leash Vs Roulette: Which Is Better?

The choice between a leash and a tape measure arises  for most dog parents. On the one hand, there is an old, kind, proven classic, and on the other, a convenient and modern device that does not get dirty and does not take up much space. But not everything is so simple, otherwise there would not have been endless arguments and reflections among dog breeders about roulettes and leashes.

Let’s discuss which is better: a leash or a tape measure? Let’s walk through the pitfalls of both and tell you when a tape measure is appropriate, and when it is better to stay on a leash.

Roulette for dogs: features, pros and cons

A tape measure is a cable with a handle that can be operated with one hand by pressing a button.

There are two types of tape measures: cord and tape. The first type is chosen for small and medium-sized dogs, the second – for large ones. The tape is inferior to the cord in that it is difficult to rewind it, because she is often confused. There is no such problem with the cord.

Roulettes also differ in leash length: from 1 to 10 meters. The longer the cable, the larger the handle.

Roulette pluses:

  1. The tape can be reeled up very quickly and easily with just one touch of a button.
  2. At home, a compact tape measure does not take up much space.
  3. Due to the fact that the roulette cable does not sag, but is always in tension, it does not get dirty on street dirt and does not stain clothes.
  4. Almost all roulette models are equipped with a short-term stop function. If you decide to fix the leash at a certain length, just press the button.
  5. Roulettes have a return function, i.e. at any time you can press the button, the tape will start to roll and return the dog to you. It’s faster and more comfortable than pulling the leash yourself.

Disadvantages of roulette:

  1. The main disadvantage of roulette is its risk of injury, manufacturers even write about this on the packaging. Corded tape measures can injure not only the pet, but also its owner and other dogs who have managed to be near. For example, a dog ran abruptly somewhere or began to fight with another dog. To rewind the tape, you need to loosen the cable, which is not possible in some emergency situations. Then a person instinctively grabs the taut rope with his hands and receives a burn or wound that will take a long time to heal. The same applies to other dogs: if your pet runs next to them and inadvertently touches the body or legs of the animal with the rope, it will hurt the poor fellow. And if your dog loves to grip the leash with his teeth, then from the corded tape he will injure the tongue and soft tissues.
  2. It is not recommended to purchase a tape measure for walking with large dogs. Large and strong tetrapods can jerk and rip out the roulette mechanism.
  3. Situations may arise when, when the dog tries to run away, the tape measure abruptly breaks out of his hands and begins to chase the dog with a roar. The dog gets scared and starts to run away from the noisy “monster”, not paying attention to the call of the owner. And if the watchdog does not intend to run away, the roulette twisting the cable will still overtake him and hit him.
  4. If you are just teaching a puppy to walk, then a tape measure is a completely inappropriate option. The pet will always be in a taut leash and feel pressure on the neck, this will cause him discomfort. Therefore, it is better to start outdoor training with a regular leash, and only then, if necessary, switch to tape measure.
  5. Sometimes the roulette mechanism can fail and cause a lot of inconvenience to you and those around you, especially if you are in a place full of people and cars.

Roulette is a modern and convenient little thing, but it is better to refuse it if you still have poor control over your pet, it is too small or if it is a representative of a large breed. Always remember about the risk of injury to the tape measure. If you buy it, then do not save and choose goods only from a trusted manufacturer.

Roulettes, although convenient for many dog ​​owners, but wet-nosed themselves are not always delighted with it.

Dog leash: features, pros and cons

Connoisseurs of leashes first of all note the practicality and low price of these accessories: an ordinary tarpaulin leash will cost several times cheaper than a tape measure, but surpass it in reliability.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons.

Pros of a leash:

  1. If you are training or outdoor training your dog should be on a leash. Due to the fact that it sags freely and does not stretch, the pet feels much more confident and happier.
  2. It’s easier to teach your dog not to pull on the leash, because the four-legged does not feel pressure with it (unless, of course, you yourself will pull it towards you and tighten the collar like a stranglehold).
  3. Unlike a tape measure, a leash will not harm a dog, even if it grabs it with its teeth or inadvertently gets entangled in it. The owner’s hands will also not be hurt by touching the leash. And in case of danger, the dog can be quickly pulled to you.
  4. If the leash is made of quality material and is not worn out, it will not tear. And if you accidentally let go of the leash, a well-bred dog will not run away, because nothing will be scared.
  5. If you are confident in your dog, you can free your hands and tie the leash to your belt, which you cannot do with a tape measure.

Cons of a leash:

  1. A leash is a free device that does not stretch and sags, but this is also its minus. So, the leash gets dirty easily in the street dirt and can ruin the owner’s clothes. After each such walk, you will not only have to wash the dog, but also wash the leash. It is also easier for the dog to get tangled in the leash, you will have to get it out of the trap. Another dog, which has come to meet yours, can also get caught in the loop of the leash. This causes a lot of inconvenience.
  2. A quality leash that will last for centuries costs a lot of money. It is important to choose not only durable tape material, but also sturdy fittings, especially the carabiner that attaches to the dog’s collar. If this part is flimsy, the watchdog will simply break off and can run away.
  3. Dealing with the leash deftly and avoiding embarrassment requires experience and dexterity. You will have to exercise to keep the leash comfortable for you and your dog.
  4. Different leashes are needed for walking and training. For a simple daily promenade, a leash up to 3 meters long is suitable, and for training – from 5 meters or more. These are not only unnecessary expenses, but also inconveniences in terms of storage.
  5. It will take some effort to pull the dog towards you, especially if the dog is large and heavy.

There are a lot of supporters of simple leashes, but even they note that sometimes it is not easy with this accessory. The main thing is experience and skill. And, of course, a controlled and well-mannered dog, with which a walk with both a tape measure and a leash does not turn into torture.

Choose what you like best, but do not forget to take into account all the disadvantages and nuances.

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